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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just Add Confidence

That's what I would do Cheryl. If I could magically change ONLY one thing about myself, I would make myself much more confident. I don't mean up myself or stuck up snobby walk all over people confident.

I would just like to feel comfortable in new situations, to be able to converse with new people without making an arse of myself or getting tongue tied and shy. Yes... as hard as it will be for you all to believe, I am actually a very private, reserved, shy and withdrawn person.

I am terrible at anything when removed from my comfort zone.

I would like to have confidence in myself and in my own abilities. And I could go on all day but I won't. I have all these blogs I have to go catch up on and comment on, including my husband's. And by the sound of all the typing beside me he is typing a novel ;-)

Love, hugs, licks and spanks to you all


What One Thing Would YOU Change?

Hi all...been thinking again tonight and you all know how dangerous that can be. I've come to the conclusion that there's only one thing I would change about myself. I'm wondering what ONE thing you would change about yourself. I don't mean get a new job or get bigger boobs...wait, someone around here has already done that!

Seriously, you have the ability to magically change one thing about your personality...what would it be?

I have decided I would make myself more focused. I enjoy so many things in this world and there's so much I want to learn and know and do. I'd like to be able to narrow the possibilities down to the top 3 or 4 interests and learn and know all I possibly can about them. I guess I might be feeling my mortality a bit now that my child is a father but I'm not sure I'll be around long enough to learn all I want to about all the things I enjoy.

God, grant me the ability to pick three or four things I really enjoy to focus my life on.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

My very first blog entry

Hi loved ones,
Well, here it is... my very first blog entry! I'm not a virgin anymore......rats..... just when I thought I'd grown over....roflmao
First of all... to explain my last rant... why I was sooooo whiny and plaintive(insert here your word for it) I got my period... the first one since November.
If you don't know... I am 53!!!!! That's right...53... and the last thing I should be doing is still having these wretched things!!! I am fed up.... and totally pissed off!!!
Now my dear friend Sylvia says I should have a hysterectomy. However... I personally think that's drastic as I don't really have any terrible symptoms except getting all emotional and missing the stupid bastard that left me for the young bitch....ohhhhhhh do I sound bitter or what..?!!! Well, I'm not bitter I am one very angry puss-puss!!!! As a matter of fact this puss-puss is feeling very very mean and tigerish... Siberian in fact and if the ex happened to stop by I might just rip him a new asshole!!!!GRRRRRRRRR
However.... just when I get all lonely and missing him all I have to do is talk to him ... just for 1 minute, mind you, and there it is... Mr. Mean and Nasty and Negagating Son of a Bitch and I am thanking the Good Lord for bringing the skuzzy bitch into our lives and taking him off of my hands!!!!!
Enough of him............
How happy am I that Soggy and Von are in their new home and shagging each other silly!!!!
Hip-Hip-Hooray!!! for you both and also major kudos on the injury money!!!!
I totally agree with Cheryl that you should save a bit for a rainy day. I mean you live in a gorgeous country.... how about a trip... just the two of you.... you know... a second honeymoon.....????? I think you both deserve it muchly!!!!
I'm sooooo glad that Kerry is feeling better...roflmao... I feel left out if I don't have at least 15 emails in my mailbox when I get up in the morning ... or after supper...ROFL!!!!!
Cheryl, your grandson is to die for!!! By the way... both Von and I wanted to hear how wonderful he smells and you didn't tell us
Well, that's it for my first post... now to read the other ones on our Blog.
Big hugs (fluffy pink ones) for all of you...... Christine

Soggy Spot


He creates a blog, writes a post and then leaves it to me to check the spelling and see if I think it is suitable?

OMG.... like my opinion should count? He doesn't love me, he's just using me as a dictionary that shags, washes, cooks and cleans as a bonus!!!


Love Yvonne

The Dragon Queen Arrives


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! LOL

I have read all the posts, and I think I managed to comment on all of them ;-) I think the only one I left out was the "what would you do" one. That answer would be very long and involved to say the least.

The move went well. We worked our arses off and have got nearly everything unpacked. The putting away bit is still being worked out :-) The house is fucking fantastic! Someone please tell me I am allowed to drop "F Bombs" here, or I'll cry!

Oh and after some thought, a smoke and a coffee I figured out how to write a post here! I KNEW dashboard was there for a reason! ROFLMAO So please ignore the last comments asking how the hell I write a post here.

I am off to go do some serious catching up on my blog. I have about a million things to say, so be prepared! Enter at your own risk.

Oh and speaking of being prepared........ Bloggers Be Warned....... Soggy is on the loose. You can now find my ravishing husband at Justin. Be prepared, he's naughty, dirty, rude, crude, lewd, utterly disgusting at times, shameless, cannot spell for quids ;-) and is funnier than anyone else I know. He just got sick of being left out I think, so he decided to give blogging a go and see what all the fuss is about ;-)

Well my raunchy little sexpots... I got blogging to do.... come see me soon.

Love Yvonne

P.S I had an idea, but I need a vote. I thought that instead of trying to show you all pics of our new "Bunyip Retreat"...... maybe I could do a home video, copy it to DVD and send you all a copy? I also thought I could show you all the cool places around where we live, the farm, our parents places etc. A little bit of Australia for you all. What do you think? Would you prefer a set of pics on the sites or a DVD? I promise to add porn if you want :) PMSL

Brendan Robert

Just in case anyone missed it, here's the address to Mike's site to see my new grandson, born with dark brown eyes and remaining as cute as a June bug!

Brendan Robert's Very Own Page

Gramma can't wait to go out to see him! (Hint! Hint! Grandma probably has vacation in mid to late June but has free weekends before that, too! ; )

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thanks for sharing your box with us, Penny! : )

We Girls

If you haven't been paying attention lately, Von is still away following her move. I hope an arroyo (do they HAVE arroyos in Oz?) didn't flood and wash them all away!

Von...kum on...kum out, kum out wherever you are!

Penny has been attending the Queen's birthday celebration and checking out our mutual horoscope. Thanks, Penny!

Kelly has been testing personal flotation devices.

I've been up to my usual shenanigans on MM & M.

But Jess...Jess has outshined us all! She's been struggling with quantum physics and the meaning of life! Just watch our little girl grow! ; )

Love you all. I'm off to Lancaster in the morning to dazzle the managers, administrators and Information Services people with my grasp of computer documentation programs! Wish me luck! ROFL!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Other BAGs

Hi girls,

I realized tonight that I had omitted several BAGs and wonder whether we should add them all or some and who?

Missing BAGs:
Connie (moffit)
Jennifer (mstaken1)
Nathalie (LifeCritic)
Justin (soggyroofer)
Joe...the inimitable Joe (joeneesan)
Barb (nada1a)

Julie (justnasty) would be another good candidate.
And I'd like to add my friend Tam, if she ever starts reading her e-mail again.

What is the consensus?Many may not be very active but I hops Justin, Joe and Barb will at least visit and post a bit.

I also believe it's possible to add something to our site so that people who are visiting at the same time could chat with each other. What does the majority on her now think about that? I think it would be worth it. That way we might bump into each other once in a while asa we're on the blog together. Let me know if we want it and, if so, I will go find and add it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Welcome, Moley!

So glad to see another loverly BAG! Now we only lack Tina...Oh, TINA! Carol and Kitty will probably show up eventually. And I think the party will really get rolling once Von is done with her move. Good luck, Von & Justin!

Woo-hoo...we're in business!

P. S. Can we use our real first names here??? Please???


Not only do I have to find time to update my own blog, I've got to come along here too! I always knew there was a hidden purpose in my life and thank you for finding it! LOL. Who knew I'd be spending so much time on line reading and writing on blogs! It be looking good and I love the pink tones!

And Cher if you want me to give you the code to separate boxes in the side bar so the links and site meter bits etc have their own special box let me know and I'll share it with you!

At least here I can get a brief update from everyone at once! Phew a time saver! Hugs to all!

Friday, April 21, 2006

What Would You Do...

...if you had unlimited funds and never had to work again? We're talking about a 360 million US dollar lottery jackpot, with the miracle of that being tax-free. (That's 484, 684,715.90 Australian dollars, 202,176,828.18 British pounds or 291,992,832.54 Euros. )

I often like to think about this, particularly on days I have to go to work. This would be my plan.

First, I'd make sure everyone I love was well provided for, of course. That means a lovely house for Von and Soggy, a boob job for Jess, a cleaning lady for Carol, a tummy tuck for Tina, if she wants to match her new boobs and a contractor to show up at Tam's house to fix everything that needs fixing and put on a second floor if she wants it. I don't trust that Tam would actually get it done herself if I gave her the money. She's too much like me...she'd probably forget where she put the cash!

Then I'd find myself a perfect home. It would be an original chink log cabin, circa the early to mid-19th century. If I couldn't find an original situated in the location I want, I'd be willing to settle for a realistic reproduction. But it would be small. No McMansion for me! It would be situated on at least a few to a few dozen wooded acres bordering a state or national park. And there would have to be water on my land, within sight of the house. Water moving over, a small waterfall, so I get to hear the sound of water running from my garden or my bedroom. If it was too small for me and the woman of my dreams, wherever she may be, to reasonably live there, I'd have an authentic addition constructed but it wouldn't be larger than maybe 1800 square feet at most.

I would have fabulous gardens! I'd have someone to help me with the heavy
work but would largely do it myself. It would be loaded with heirloom veggies
and periennial flowers. There would be meandering paths and arbors laden with wisteria, morning glory and clematis. There would be at least one or two gardens for cutting flowers so I could enjoy the beauty of my own handiwork all summer long. There would be benches to while away the days reading books on, a pool which looks like a natural pond hidden somewhere along a path and bird feeders and houses around every corner. The butterflies would swarm around the lilacs in spring. Penny would eat her heart out!

I'd build (have built) a small shed in the same chink log style to be my pottery shed, complete with potter's wheel, kiln and work spaces. Not large...8 or 10 feet square ought to do me. There might even be a labyrinth made of bushes, like in traditional English gardens. The maze wouldn't be large enough to actually get lost in but it would be big enough that I could "find" you in there.

I would enroll full-time at Swarthmore College. Swarthmore has the most incredible philosophy department. Yes, I would get a totally worthless, very expensive college education and walk away with a degree in philosophy. Just 'cause. I'd probably then translate that otherwise useless degree into a law school admission. I don't really care where I go to law school. I'm not a snob. Rutgers' Law would be fine with me. Follow along with me. I've now got a worthless degree in philosophy and a very usable law degree. Think I'm going to go make more money now? WRONG!

I'd take my law degree and do something totally altruistic with it. I'd work for a legal aid society, a battered woman's shelter, a place for single mothers transitioning from Welfare to work, an immigration rights center, Lambda Legal Defense or an environmental law organization.

After I was done restoring justice to the universe, I'd probably traipse off to Africa, where I'd vaccinate children, help mothers feed their young ones, teach young women how to use contraceptives and AIDS patients how to taake their meds.

I guess I've done enough to save the world today. What would you do? How would you spend your windfall?

Ladies, We Have Site Meter

I put the lovely little rainbow flag site meter on here today....take a look...isn't she pretty?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

High Priestess

The High Priestess is among us!

All hail The Mighty Mocha!

(Who's got the human sacrifices? ; )

P. S. Kelly...quit yer bitchin'...this is my third blog and I'm 15 years older than you are! ROFL!

So glad you've joined the throng!

Hurry, hurry, Ladies, before the complimentary door prizes are all gone...a Southern US Palm Pilot:

Being My Bigger Self

You knew I couldn't start a blog entry which didn't directly point to me, did you?

Ok, well first I'll thank Cheryl for adding me to a FOURTH FUCKING BLOG. (Pink. Hmmm. Who woulda thought? I like it, Cher.) When I'll have time to read this, I know not. Or write for it. But this is far better than email for me as I just don't have the time to read or respond to all the funny ones.

So here is where I'll be my bigger self and feel more free to say things because, for some reason, I already have this good girl image elsewhere. That's fine. For the most part, I am a good girl.

But today, I'm going to be a Bad-Assed Girl.

Hot Damn! Here We All Are, GIRLS!

I thought for sure this name must have been snatched (no pun intended, ya think? ; ) up long ago! If you guys are willing, I'm game!