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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bullying Advice Needed

Ladies and Germs

Please help. Bowen is being harassed and bullied on the school bus by 3 or 4 other students. They are all older than him. They have mouths foul enough to be long term workers on a building site. I never ever expected to hear words like cunt emerge from the mouths of kids that small.

Due to the ruccus on the bus, the drivers are unaware of the bullying. The school is being less than helpful to say the least. Even though these little shits go to the same god damn school as Bowen! I am waiting to speak to the principal to see what he can do to make this stop.

My fear is that Bowen will explode and hit one of them. With odds of 4 to 1 he might land one hit. After that they are going to mutilate the poor kid. He has kept quiet for weeks because he was afraid he would get into trouble. And if he's the one who gets caught, he will lose his bus pass. If he loses it, I will be walking 1 hour to school and 1 hour back home, morning and afternoon to take him to school. Not having a car and licence fucking SUCKS!

I was none the wiser about any of this until one of my mum's best mates happened to be on the bus on Wednesday morning. He called Mum at work last night and told her. She called me this morning and told me.

I would ignore them and walk away. I would move as close to the driver as I could, and then if the little shits want to keep bugging him, the driver WILL HEAR/SEE IT! That way it will be them that lose bus pass rights, not Bowen. I only fight after the first punch as been thrown so I can claim self defence.

Justin would arc up, punch them all and make sure they knew he was not to be fucked with! His way is more pro-active than mine. And I am unsure of what the right advice to give Bowen would be.

I can see this ending badly, very bloody badly. I don't want my kid cowed by every idiot that gives him grief. But I dont want him being as bloody bad as they are. I have no idea what the hell to do and would really appreciate any advice you can give. Especially Kelly, from a teachers point of view.

Love Yvonne

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bad-Assed Girls

Hi Friends,
Can you hear me over Cheryl's snoring? roflmao
I am doing much better and having a great visit with my mum. She is visiting me for 10 days and it has been such a lift to my spirits to have her here. The cats are just the same. Boo Boo is ignoring me now that Mum is here and Tuffy will give me lots of love if I will feed him
The weather has been sooooooooooooo hot but it's cooler today and that is a good thing. We need rain in the worst way! If I liked this kind of weather I would live in the desert for pete's sake. I wish I had more news to tell you but you all know my life is boring as hell and if it wasn't for Mum I'd be a pitiful mess. Take care all of you and I hope you are having a great summer/winter, depending on the hemisphere you live in. Big fluffy pink hugs, Christine

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


"Zzzzzzz. Fwhooooo. Zzzzzzzz. Fwhooooo. Zzzzzzzz. Fwhooooo....."

; )

How is everyone?

You know, when we all kinda disappeared from Gar's room we kinda fell apart for a bit. Then we were all talking on MSN but now that seems to have fizzled also, or it has for me. I hardly ever hear from most of yall anymore. I don't ask for much so I'm asking that everyone at least write a post on here to tell me how you are, what you're doing, are you still alive? Anything! Tell me something. If nothing else, just create a post that says you're breathing heavily in my ear, on my neck... where was I? Oh yes, please tell me something about what's going on in your life.

Here's what's going on with me: Kelton is teething, but it's not really bad. He doesn't complain too much. Jesse is still as sweet as ever. Keith is still ummm married to me. I am still a bitch, but I seem to be getting soft over here, I need someone to bitch at. Do something stupid. Do something to piss me off. I dare you!

I miss you all and really hope you are doing well.
Peachy hugs and kisses,

Monday, July 03, 2006

So I Lied About the Quickie

Since my slacker son (who presented his research proposal for his doctoral degree on Thursday, but that's no excuse...there are grandmothers to appease) hasn't put any new videos up on Brendan's page and since everyone else here seems to have died a stonily silent death while I was on vacation (which was absolutely yummy, btw...have I mentioned that?) I feel I have the grandmotherly right and obligation to post the last two videos I got of the most beautiful baby boy in the world. Maybe outrage and/or babylust will rattle some BAG out of her(his?) interminable stupor long enough to tell me to stop being such a nudnik!*

Play With Daddy 1, aka "Why are you doing this to me, Dad?"

and Play With Daddy 2, aka "Save Me, Mommy!" Mind the head, Mike! ; )

I swear to GOD I wasn't that annoying with Mike when he was a month old! Swear!

*nud' - nik

Just a Quickie

I hope you all got the e-mail I sent out a little bit ago. I hope those with the propensity for enjoying it do so immensely! ; )

Just wondering if anyone has heard from Carol? I haven't seen her in ages. Of course, I haven't been at GH in many, many months. Would love to hear news of her here if anyone has any!

Love to all!