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Friday, October 20, 2006

A Proposal

I think it's time for any of us to want to to turn this into a chatboard of sorts. This way we can keep up with each other via this blog and continue to read each others' blogs as we wish. You are a fabulous group of women (and 2 men) and I don't think I can keep up with everyone with all the wonderful new folks I've discovered on the blogosphere. At least I can't keep up with those who actually manage to write a fucking post on their blogs once in a while!

We can tightly control comments...even move them into moderation. Jess, you'd be the likely candidate for that since you've used it already and, really, what the hell do you do all day, anyway? But then, given the losers you atracted on your Peachy World, maybe not. We don't want to do anything more to invite that Southern trash to follow you over here!

I could do comments because I am an evil bitch with an axe she's willing to grind into someone's skull and, really, what the hell do I do all day, anyway? I will have no problem slicing trolls down the middle with my scathing scimitar of a tongue or impaling him on the sharp spears of my lightning-fast fingers. Note the troll is always mentioned in the masculine. (Does this sound like a Hot Lesbian Personal Ad or what??? (In case any fine, middle-aged women who are comfortable with their bodies happen to Google to this post...Yeah, Baby. I got allll'dem things and know how to use them in more than one way. Go see my profile at PlanetOut. or e-mail! ; )

Von, you can remain Sexeratary since that's what you're best at and what the hell do you do all day, anyway? Justin, you may not talk in a sexist manner! Yes, you can leer. Yes, you can drool. Yes, you can tease. But you cannot come here and be a sexist arsehole! There are many more of us than there are of you! ; )

I can remain, what the hell was I?...something like "President-for-Life?" El Presidentita para Vita? La Presidente de vie? I think I've moved beyond democracy into full monoarchy. Queen Bitch will suffice and we can haggle and barter about what your new, royal titles will be.

Kelly can continue to ourgtrow us. : (

Penny...Sweet Penny can be the ever-lovely advice columnist. (Sorry, Penny, but there's not going to be a Royal Sex Slave position. ; )

Joe...will you ever post?

I can pour all my boring, personal posts over here. Von could rant about her back and her husband and kids. Penny can whimper about her sex life and keep us abreast of her breasts.

Jess can foment and hone her plans for the elimination of her husband. Just don't ask Sweet Penny for advice.

Kerry can keep us laughing and update us on the various body parts she's donating to medical science "down under."

Kitty can continue to purr, quietly, in the corner.

I vote for a zero tolerance policy for sexism and feminism- and women-bashing, from anybody.

Whaddya say, BAGs?