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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I made it in here

Hi there ev1,
Not much going on in here I notice.....
I havent been in much either....sorry...
Hubby usual....
I am busy with little athletics season starting...
I am the new canteen convenor.....
I also have to have xray and ultrasound in the morning...
The dr thinks I have either DVT or Bakers Cyst ....(like fluid on knee..except its behind the knee....and he thinks cyst may have ruptured )
Have had a little pain , cramps, off n on for a couple of mnths...Thought nothing of it....Had my fair share of drs etc to last a life time....
But boy oh boy....last 2 days....pain worse than childbirth...couldn't walk, sit or lie......( probably shouldve hung from the
Anyways will write again......May be put in hospital tomorrow....see what results show........
Hope you are all well n Jesse...your baby must be growing pretty fast by now.....Sry...forget how old...My baby will be 8 in a few weeks n the eldest will be 25 in a fortnight.....Now I am feeling a lot
Bye for now.....
tc n hago

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Our 1,000th Visitor

Here it is...the one-thousandth person to come through the doors was:

An anonymous site from the middle of the US through Comcast...Internet Explorer 6.0, came here through my profile and spent no time.

Boring. the story of my life.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jess, You Little Bitch!

I know you were here, Jessica! (If not, then Keith was ; )

Couldn't take a moment from your precious schedule to stop my blathering on, could you?


You're going to just sit there and watch and make me go on and on and on...and nobody is ever going to post anything on here but me. Nobody. Ever!


; )

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hey Girls

I was just going through our site stats and found an interesting referring page. Take a look at this Google search page that brought someone from McKeesport, PA to our site. (This person has also been on one or both of my other blogs, how about you?)

If you take note, though, of the third item on the list of results, you can access a page of expiring domain names. If we play our cards right, we could become BadGirlsEscort! Thinking about trying to pick up some extra cash? Google ads not quite as lucrtive as you'd hoped? This may be our ticket, Girls! Think about it...


On a slightly creepier note, we had a visitor from Littleton, Colorado, who came here through my profile. That's where Columbine High School is, where the school massacre was several years ago. Creepy to think about that. Those poor kids. Imagine having to go back to that school, or even to have to attend it now, not even having been there at the time of the shooting.

Alright, time to go!


By The Way

I posted the last wrap-up about what the BAGs were doing around the globe. I think it's time for someone else to do the web surf and post synopses (for Von's benefit) of what we're all up to rather than just come on here and lambast (for Jess's sake) us all for not posting more. Don't you???

Envy the beautiful baby, I command you!


I've Been AWOL

Sorry for the lapse, folks. It didn't seem as if anyone was very interested or had the time to check in here so I kind of stopped stopping by.

I'm alive...if just barely. We're melting here in the Mid-Atlantic, as the Midwest was over the weekend. The weather has only made my holing-up-in-the-fucking-apartment depression worse. I'm thinking about getting in touch with my family doctor and
going back on a second anti-depressant. And, this time, I can't blame seasonal affective disorder, just my fucked up self. Oh well.

I've been blogging and enjoying some new folks out in the world of the internet. You can check in to No Ordinary Princess or Claiming my Inner Bitch to see for yourself.

Basically, I have to get up off my lazy, frightened little girl arse and grow up enough to get out in the fucking real world and meet actual, living, breathing real people in my neighborhood. I know
this. I just can't seem to find my way past the demons to do it. Yet. Where is a dragon when you need one???

Sadie is well. Mike and Jen are well, I hope to see them next weekend. Brendan is more adorable than ever!

Love you all and hope you are well.


Von, how did Bowen make out with the bullies???