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Monday, September 25, 2006


OMG my ears are still bloody ringing from Von’s screeching, can’t believe it she can project her voice that far! Now it looks like I’m going to have to go to the Quack’s for Tinnitus now! Bloody hell, might as well get a chair in the surgery. Oh no wait, I already have one, perhaps I should change it and go for one with a view? Now that would be nice.

Anyway for those of you who have been watching my breasts here’s an update (for those who’ve ended up here after some freak search engine, sorry it’s not that eventful!).

Well had the old mammogram, (there was me thinking I’d get away with having the squash thingy due to my age) and fortunately for me although I am cursed/blessed with ahem large breasts, which apparently were quite dense, I didn’t end up screaming in agony during the process, which others had told me was likely to happen.

Although I did have to go through the embarrassing trauma of having my breasts screened in two parts, as when they were squashed they kind of expanded in ways I never believed possible, and ahem they didn’t fit on the plates of the x-ray. Welcome pancakes! LOL.

Evidently the breast tissue was too dense and though there was shadowing, it meant I had to have an ultrasound too. What a clear piece of kit that machine is, now I can kind of appreciate some of the anticipation some people may have when have a scan when pregnant. Couldn’t keep my bloody eyes off the screen to see if I could spot anything, oh yes I could, darn that’s not a good thing though.

It turns out that where I thought I had one lump I actually had about 5 or 6 all around the same area. Two people looked at the lumps on screen, one a Dr/Registrar who knows, he failed to tell me (great customer service) all I know is he wasn’t the consultant I had the appointment with, it seems on this day the organ grinder sent out his monkeys. He didn’t boost me with confidence and ended up calling in a lovely registrar, who was lovely and made me feel very happy and confident with her skill etc.

She reviewed the scans, did another scan herself and felt they were all highly likely benign cysts. Phew…. However I’ve got to keep an eye on them (though I can only feel one!). Mind you I am baffled how to monitor any developments in my breast when I know I’ve got hidden lumps already!

So glad it was good news, you won’t believe it, however on a flippant note, I may have to save up for the breast reduction now!

Von, as for your earlier question, I’m not a huge coffee drinker (psst don’t tell Kelly) so I can’t see any correlation with that.

Cher, your grandson is getting more gorgeous by the day, and in some of his pictures he looks like you! Ah bless!

Kerry what’s going on with you? Hope you are up and about; I’m getting inundated with emails from you, so I know you are still alive unless you be reaching out beyond the grave… scary.

Kelly… period pain… hmm how about his remedy.... take alcohol and if you can’t take it neat then I suggest imbibe it in coffee, anything to help the medicine go down, evidently a spoonful of sugar just wouldn’t work for you!

Well that’s it for now... Got a mad week and weekend up ahead, my eldest sister has separated from her husband, so I’m helping out with my niece and nephew, and then I’m off to other relatives for the weekend, and I’m knackered thinking about it.


  • At 7:43 AM, Blogger Yvonne said…


    Lol, I wasnt shouting, I was just havin trouble seeing. I am so glad the scan was all good. I was worried :)

    Email waiting for you :)

    Love Yvonne


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