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Monday, July 03, 2006

So I Lied About the Quickie

Since my slacker son (who presented his research proposal for his doctoral degree on Thursday, but that's no excuse...there are grandmothers to appease) hasn't put any new videos up on Brendan's page and since everyone else here seems to have died a stonily silent death while I was on vacation (which was absolutely yummy, btw...have I mentioned that?) I feel I have the grandmotherly right and obligation to post the last two videos I got of the most beautiful baby boy in the world. Maybe outrage and/or babylust will rattle some BAG out of her(his?) interminable stupor long enough to tell me to stop being such a nudnik!*

Play With Daddy 1, aka "Why are you doing this to me, Dad?"

and Play With Daddy 2, aka "Save Me, Mommy!" Mind the head, Mike! ; )

I swear to GOD I wasn't that annoying with Mike when he was a month old! Swear!

*nud' - nik


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