Bad-Assed Girls

We once lived boring lives in boring towns situated in boring countries on several boring continents. Well, one of us sometimes lives in a little, blonde world all her own but that's another blog. Our lives used to be so banal, so interminably dull, but not since we met! Hilarious, passionate, irreverant, wise, diverse, forthright, spiritual, bright, loving, compassionate, smart-assed, sexual, quick-witted, juicy. We're a batch of bitchin' babes & a couple of titular us blossom!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've seen you lurking about, Joseph, and I think it's high time you contributed, especially after I went to all the trouble to change the opening blurb to be inclusive! How about tearing a page out of that notebook...or would that be pasting a page in it?

; )


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