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Monday, May 08, 2006

Any ideas?

Does anyone know why our side bar is now way down there.... yeah keep scrolling... This happened on my blog and was linked to a picutre of a link being too long causing the main text box to be too wide? I've scrolled the template but can't see why... hmmm... pondering.


  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Cheryl said…

    Must've been a fluke, Penny. It looks fine to me. I'm off to Hell, I mean work. Happy day, all!

  • At 3:39 PM, Blogger Moley123 said…

    The side bar is still way down at the bottom for me :-(

  • At 6:04 AM, Blogger Cheryl said…

    Oh. My. God! I think Penny's computer has picked up the Hide the Sidebar Virus! I heard it could be fatal!

    ; )

  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger Moley123 said…

    Cheeky bitch! ROFLMAO!

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger Yvonne said…

    In Penny's defence, I also have the sidebar showing at the bottom of the blog. So ((((raspberry)))) to Cheryl! LOL

    Love Yvonne

  • At 5:36 AM, Blogger Cheryl said…

    Did you guys break the blog already? Sheesh...I've got to keep a really close eye on you two. I still see the sidebar where it's supposed to be, on the right side. You're not talking about the quote at the bottom of the page, "If you have integrity...," are you? If so, I put that there and meant to put it in that place. Don't know what else totell you except try turning you head sideways.

    ; )

  • At 6:50 AM, Blogger Cheryl said…

    And, Von, don't tease the single lesbian!!!

    ; )

  • At 1:35 PM, Blogger Yvonne said…

    Moi? Tease? When where? I do so much of that, that I'm not quite sure which one you were referring to?


    Love Yvonne

  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Yvonne said…

    And no I am not talking about the quote at the bottom. I am talking about the sidebar at the right of the screen. My question was "why is it at the bottom of the blogs instead of the top where it should be?

  • At 3:39 PM, Blogger Moley123 said…

    Ha ha... Hope you've wiped off the raspberry spittle now Cher! LOL. Ty very much Von, cause I was starting to query the status of my comp. And my neck is still sore from looking side ways! Sigh! Maybe the kink will become attractive. Oh well I'll get used to it for now.

  • At 4:28 PM, Blogger Cheryl said…

    Ladies, something must be horribly wrong with your computers because the sidebar is, here in Pennsylvania, precisely where it should be. Maybe it's another G W Bush secret program, to try and confuse the "foreigners." Maybe George the Decider has decided Aussies and Brits are among the "evildoers." Look out!

    On other fronts, Von, please keep that tongue to yourself and Penny, kinky is fine all depends on the look. Post a pic, huh?

    ; )

  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger Moley123 said…

    Still cant get the sidebar back where it should be. Fortunately should be seeing the talented nephew this weekend so maybe he can help. Though looking at the text etc of postings it seems both Cher & Von's margins are different to say Kerry's so maybe that's why, perhaps it's pushing it down. So it seems you two may be flexing far too much! LOL

  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger Cheryl said…

    Are you saying our margins are too wide??? ::cranes neck to view margin::


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