Bad-Assed Girls

We once lived boring lives in boring towns situated in boring countries on several boring continents. Well, one of us sometimes lives in a little, blonde world all her own but that's another blog. Our lives used to be so banal, so interminably dull, but not since we met! Hilarious, passionate, irreverant, wise, diverse, forthright, spiritual, bright, loving, compassionate, smart-assed, sexual, quick-witted, juicy. We're a batch of bitchin' babes & a couple of titular us blossom!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bad-Assed Girls

Hi Friends,
Can you hear me over Cheryl's snoring? roflmao
I am doing much better and having a great visit with my mum. She is visiting me for 10 days and it has been such a lift to my spirits to have her here. The cats are just the same. Boo Boo is ignoring me now that Mum is here and Tuffy will give me lots of love if I will feed him
The weather has been sooooooooooooo hot but it's cooler today and that is a good thing. We need rain in the worst way! If I liked this kind of weather I would live in the desert for pete's sake. I wish I had more news to tell you but you all know my life is boring as hell and if it wasn't for Mum I'd be a pitiful mess. Take care all of you and I hope you are having a great summer/winter, depending on the hemisphere you live in. Big fluffy pink hugs, Christine


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